Evening at the Improv I
37" x 26"

Making this quilt involved a new experience: using a rotary cutter without use of a ruler. What fun to put vivid colors together and make something perky.



Evening at the Improv II
20.75" x 20.5"

A couple of years later, the improvisational technique was taught to a group of quilters who wanted to make more contemporary quilts. A limited color palette was successful in winning first place in a Minnesota show.



African Images: Masks

44.5" x 55.5"

Influenced by the works of Kaye England, this quilt
was a playful venture into using an interesting
mix of color and fabrics. This was a compelling
work that was finished in nearly record time.


Mayan Dancer, Island of Roatan

22" x 33"

The dancer was given to me by a great neighbor whose husband went diving near Roatan. The white pillow top was tea stained before joining scrap fabrics, beads, and hand dyed silk and velvet from England. The quilt was on display at the Wisconsin Arts Board in Madison.


Paradise Found

41.5" x 51.75"

A portrait of the artist as an animal.
It would be wonderful to have the freedom to fly,
to look at the world from all levels, and to enjoy color.


Lost in Space

22.5" x 16 3/4"

This piece started with a leftover star.
Angelina and batik orbs drift along with smaller stellar objects.

Triple Trilogy

20" x 27"

Part of a special exhibit Gifts of the Season
at the Schlueter Art Gallery at Wisconsin
Lutheran College. This was a first attempt at
a streamlined, simple design which
incorporated a foiling technique.


Earth Energy

8.5" x 14"

This is a logo that may be use by a company
that focuses on matters related to maintaining
a balance in our fragile ecology.