48" x 48"

What better way to symbolize the MaRQ challenge Opposing Forces.
The sun and moon are only 2 of the many images that complete each other;
others include man/woman, happy/sad, full/empty and so forth.

Moon Series V: China Moon

17" x 20.5"

By this point in the series of working with reverse appliqué, I became much more comfortable in making the technique “my own”. The design includes hand dyed and stamped silk from Dagmar Plenk and distressed felt over high sparkle fabric to create the moon.

Moon Series VI: Chiwara Moon

17" x 20.5"

Faux leather images of a female antelope with her young (symbols of fertility and good harvest) stand out against the moon. Distressed felt and the reverse side of upholstery fabric make up the trees which are anchored by grass and stones.


Moon Series IV: Harvest Moon

16.5" x 16/75"

Permission to teach the reverse appliqué method was granted by David Walker as long as the technique “became our own.” I began to use a different design with the idea of expanding the technique in future pieces.


Moon Series II: Moon Glow

17.25" x 17.25"

Reverse appliqué techniques were used to create the circle and its intersecting lines. Stab stitches enhance the shadow on the surface of the moon.


Moon Series III: Mystic Moon

20.75" x 16.25"

My hand dyed, hand stamped fabric is the background
and woven scraps from Laura Wausaloski is the new moon treatment.
This quilt begged for heavy bead embellishment.


Oh the Places You'll Go

19" x 28"

The Milwaukee Art Quilter's had a poem exchange.
Each participant made a quilt to represent their response to the poem.
What better idea than to be on the path to a magical place.



Orange on a Wing

11" x 14"

The Professional Art Quilt Alliance of Glen Ellyn,
Illinois organized a traveling show based on color.
The size was prescribed and the colors were
assigned by luck of the draw.



58" x 36"

The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MaRQ) challenge
Name that Tune
brought forth works that were to be recognizable. This Japanese woman is playing the
music before her and is the largest reverse appliqué moon to date. This quilt is one of a group of 8 quilts
to win the Ultimate Guild Challenge in Nashville, Tennessee in 2004.