Joyful Play
19” x 15”

The hand-dyed and African fabrics pair well with the silk-screened image to invoke the carefree sense of play enjoyed by a carefree spirit. Bright colors enhance the feeling of happiness. Framed without glass.

18” x 14”

A calm toned quilt-on-a-quilt layered mixed media technique that is mounted on fabric fused to stretched canvas. The rivet openings show the color on the layer below while leading the eye across the piece. Framed without glass.




18” x 14”

Vivid red, gold, and black fabrics comprise an Asian themed quilt that is mounted on fabric fused to stretched canvas. Antique Korean coins and commercial cottons work together to describe the Chinese character that translates as “virtue”. Framed without glass.

Aspen Duo
18” x 14”

A pair of sun-printed gingko leaves in a blue/brown palette is reminiscent of a cool fall evening in Aspen.
This quilt is also mounted on a fabric fused to stretched canvas. Framed without glass.



19.5" x 14”
The hand-dyed, batik, and polyester fabrics and glass beads were part of the contents of a brown bag challenge. The addition of hand-dyed silk cocoons and ATC created a quilt that was juried into an exhibit at the Whistler House Museum of Art.


Abstract Study: Portals

49.5" x 31"
An abstract study using circles and rectangles is executed in warm, earth tones of hand-dyed, batik and commercial cottons. Energy from the earth radiates from the red circle within the spiral. This piece was in a group of eight quilts that won First Place in the Ultimate Guild Challenge, Knoxville, TN in 2009.

Guardians of Bad Hair

29” x 29”
Fun, comical silk-screened characters show that even the guardians of bad hair can have an off day. The image in the mirror is reverse appliquéd to a paper pieced background and the flourishes are raw edge appliqué.



Pretty in More Than Pink

28.5" x 45.5"
This quilt is a color study of tints and tones in purple, orange, turquoise, lime green and flamingo pink. Each segment is an enlargement of the purple center and contains up to 22 different fabrics within a single color way.



For Tea

16.25" x 21.5"
The vibrant tones of this piece suggest the invigorating capacity that tea can provide. Tea dyed cotton and 80/20 cotton/polyester along with ephemera suggest activities of daily living centered on commerce, communication and eating.




15.25" x 21.5"
Warm tea in the evening can provoke a sense of quietude at the end of a busy day. The soft cool tones of green and the abstract center that contains tea dyed cotton and 80/20 cotton/polyester impart a spirit suggesting relaxation…a focus on only a few things instead of the chaos that is all around us.